The Work

The London Leadership Academy delivers outstanding healthcare leadership in London to improve people’s health and experience with the NHS. With experience copy-editing several annual, corporate and sustainability reports, I was enlisted to copy-edit the LLA’s first annual report.

The Words

The London Factor


To understand London’s health leadership, it is important to understand what London is, and is becoming.


The NHS in London has tremendous health and wellbeing challenges – caring for a population of over eight million people. It is a city where more than four million people a year go to A&E, where 20% of all babies delivered in England each year are born, and a city where the richest and poorest communities often live side by side – with many different health problems including diabetes, child obesity, drug use, infant mortality, tuberculosis, and early death from heart disease and stroke. There is also exceptional diversity with over 50% of the population from different ethnic backgrounds, 37% of whom were born abroad, and up to half a million people who are undocumented.


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