The Work

As Ancestry’s Lead Copywriter for the UK on a fixed-term contract, I worked closely with the senior designer, US creative team and UK marketing team to create global marketing and advertising campaigns. I localised the core site upgrade for the UK and delivered ongoing tactical copy for website updates, news articles, banners, emails and more.

A Few Words

Discover a path that’s right for you


Build your tree

Growing your tree can become part of your daily or weekly routine. You don’t need to add everything at once. But the more you add to your tree, the more we can help you grow it.


Search records

Explore your family history in your own time. Anytime you have a spare few minutes, over breakfast or on the train, try these handy tips and see where your search takes you.


Use Hints

When you add your relatives to your tree, we automatically search through billions of historical records, photos and other Ancestry trees for information about your family. When we find something, a green leaf appears on your family tree.


Take a DNA test

Pinpoint your family’s journey like never before with AncestryDNA. Once easy to use saliva-based test will reveal your ethnic mix from the past 500-1000 years and uncover distant cousins you never knew you had.