Like the Silicons of the world.

The Valleys, the Capes and the Plateaus.

We’re creating a place with the power to transform.

A place where the brightest lights shine together.

An incubator of free-thinkers, thought leaders and innovators.

A place born of collaborative spirit

Fuelled by the shared belief that technology is awesome.

A place where change is embraced

Never ignored.

A place where the unthinkable is made reality.

Beyond life-changing.


Imagine a place like this.

Where anything is possible.

And legacy thinking is left behind.

We’re not creating an IT department.

We’re creating a technology company inside a bank.

Where the future is not only imagined.

But brought to life.

Welcome to our world.

We Are Technology.

The exclusive Kempinski accommodation is nestled between majestic snow-capped mountains in St. Moritz, Switzerland. On arrival you’ll retreat to your own private sanctuary complete with the finest natural products and amenities. Throughout your stay you’ll enjoy the convenience of a modern chalet with the luxuries of a five-star hotel, and exclusive access to the Kempinski Hotel Spa and the Grand Hotel Des Bains Hotel & Spa.

Whether you stroll through Harrods in London, spend the night at the MGM in Las Vegas, or relax at the Palm Islands in Dubai, you will experience the work of Shellshock Designs.


Shellshock design and manufacture everything from handcrafted ornaments, bespoke lighting fixtures to large-scale installations. Its products—designed for both private and commercial use—are sought after by architects, interior designers and construction companies for some of the world’s most luxurious developments.


Now, with the launch of a new exclusive range of interior design collections, Shellshock is redefining the impact that one space can have . Both beautiful and practical, the mother of pearl collection has a shimmering quality not seen in manufactured tiles. The luminescent semi-precious stone slab collection has a striking colour palette with naturally occurring patterns, perfect for counter tops and decorative wall panels. Finally, the wafer-thin copper and brass collection reflects light beautifully for an opulent palace-like décor and integrates seamlessly with the other collections.


Shellshock Design’s new website is an extensive online resource for interior designers and architects to find inspiration. Shipping to 37 countries worldwide, all customers buy direct from source with 100% provenance guaranteed and no hidden charges.


Oculus Rift is the first immersive virtual reality headset game. Using ultra-low latency 360° head tracking, it creates a stereoscopic 3D view so you can look around the virtual world just as you do in real life. Every subtle movement of your head is tracked in real time, creating a natural and intuitive virtual reality experience.

Your dreams go beyond what you’re building today. They’re what drive you to work harder and push yourself. We understand. That’s why Shell ROTELLA T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil is our hardest working oil yet, delivering excellent engine protection and cleanliness in virtually any terrain and temperature. All to help your engine work sun up to sun down, and into the night. Because we know you’re not just working on the job today, you’re building a business for tomorrow.

The rise of the wearable action camera has shaken up the world of extreme action and sports photography. This small, lightweight, hands-free camera can be mounted anywhere on the body, perfect for extreme sports and outdoor activities like snowboarding, motorcycling, skydiving and mountain biking.


GoPro is currently the market leader, offering a comprehensive range of action cameras and accessories designed for extreme performance in extreme conditions. The high durability and built-in WIFI of GoPro cameras give you the freedom to capture the most daring and jaw-dropping stunts in the most remote locations—then share them instantly with the world.

People no longer pass through Shoreditch. It has become a destination. Over the past ten years, the once gritty, industrial neighbourhood has been transformed into a cultural haven for young and old.


It is a place of paradoxical charm. The old cockney butchers and vintage clothes shops occupy the same space as art galleries and trendy bars. Today, with modern developments lining the skies, and retailers flocking in numbers, Shoreditch has become one of the capital’s most desirable areas to live and work.


It was our aim with 131 Shoreditch High Street to capture this exciting renaissance and paradoxical charm of East London. We maintained the historical façade and exposed some of the raw industrial character of the building. The result? A development that evokes the personality and contrast of its surroundings, whilst providing a 21st century space for retailers and businesses.


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