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Abel Words is the consulting practice of professional copywriter, Julian Abel.

My path to a career in copywriting had many stops along the way. I graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in writing and literature, naively thinking I’d bag a weekly column at Rolling Stone magazine and live my own version of Almost Famous.

Bright-eyed and brimming with enthusiasm, I moved to New York City in August 2001; one month before the city, country, and world changed forever. With the economy in shambles, every CV I sent out was followed by a thanks but no thanks. So after three years as the Chief Coffee Technician (Barista) at my local coffee shop (still one of the best jobs I’ve ever had), I decided to move to Paris and work with my father importing French wine to London hotels and restaurants (if you ever want a recommendation of a nice Bordeaux, I’m your man). I put my writing degree to good use writing copy for the website, brochure, event materials, everything basically.  

I had stumbled on my professional calling and moved back to London to immerse myself in the craft of copywriting. I joined writing organisation 26 and the Professional Copywriters’ Network, found a great mentor, invested in several copywriting books and seminars, and gradually built my portfolio as a professional copywriter. 

Around 15 years later, I’ve worked with countless entrepreneurs, startups, global companies and leading agencies across the UK. 

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