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In March 2020 the world changed forever. Not by one devastating, catastrophic, heart piercing event like when the world changed in September 2001. This one had isolated showers before the storm. Many even knew the storm was coming before we did. But that’s another story.. 

Not to understate the devastation of the pandemic, but its impact wasn’t sudden. Even if it feels that way looking back now. And through the tragedy of loss many found a silver lining. New freedoms. More time spent with loved ones. Communities came together. People started talking again. There was a renewed sense of hope for humanity; that love would always triumph over hate.

I, for one, felt this hope. In the summer of 2020 I was working from home (like everyone else), with my 4 year old twins at the time. I enjoyed the freedom, the lack of commuting, and that feeling of community that we were all in it together. 

I felt so inspired by it all I wrote a poem. And I ended up sharing the poem with someone at work, who shared it with a few more people at work, and they made it into a video*. 

And now, I humbly share it with you.

Sure the novelty of working from home with kids wore off, and the lack of social interaction took its toll.  But the pandemic made people reevaluate what’s important in life. Love. Family. Freedom. Health. Balance. Authenticity. I’d like to believe it planted a seed of change. 

But of course, as I write today, the war in Ukraine shows no sign of ending. We’re still dealing with poverty, disease, climate change, racism, and the war on terrorism. As the French saying goes, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”.

Yes the opposing forces of good and evil continue. That’s just the duality of life. But good will always prevail. And kindness will always spread faster. 

Until AI becomes sentient. Then we’re all screwed.

*Credit to Firewood Marketing for making the video. That’s me on the last frame 🙂