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Design hooks the eyes. Copy hooks the mind.

You have a business. Something you’re passionate about. Something you know is going to change the world someday, or at the very least be a nice side hustle. Maybe you’ve just launched your business, in which case mazel tov! Maybe your brand is already changing the world. 

Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, you need to convince people why your product or service can be useful in their lives. And you need to make it easy for them to buy it. Sounds simple, right? But when you throw in thousands of other companies vying for your customers’ dwindling attention, it becomes a lot harder. The only way of breaking through the noise is by making what you have to say as relevant as possible. 

You get it, of course, or you wouldn’t be here. You know that people are self-absorbed; the central characters of their own stories. And you know they’ll only engage with what you’ve written when they see themselves in the story you are telling. But many new businesses fall into the trap of thinking how they look is more important than what they say. This is known as ‘marketing’s greatest mistake’. No it’s not. But it should be!

My copywriting approach is clarity over simplicity; writing with purpose but never sacrificing personality. Every copywriting project I work on starts with getting to know your business, your goals, and your customers. This essential groundwork will inform every carefully chosen word I write for you. Find out more about my process.


Julian worked with Condeco to support our re-branding exercise. He was excellent at understanding the brief and delivering good, clear and compelling copy. The Condeco product suite can be technical by nature and Julian worked around this by engaging with the key stakeholders to ensure he gained the main USP’s to get to the core messages. I would recommend Julian to any business looking to hire a copywriter and would not hesitate to work with him again.

Lynda LoweMarketing Director, Condeco

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