Content Strategy is the origin of user experience

Content Strategy

A content strategy is a must-have for any business launching a website with a complex proposition. Without a content strategy you’re essentially asking your visitors to find what they’re looking for without any help or guidance. This isn’t a wise move when you have less than 7 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention.


How do you know if you need a content strategy?

Do you have a complex proposition?

Do you offer multiple products or services?

Do you have multiple target audiences?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, then YES, you need a content strategy.

If you have three distinct audiences (let’s say customers, businesses and retailers), they probably all need different things. If each audience went on the same journey, two out of three will feel unsatisfied. And poof…they’re gone! You’ve lost hundreds of potential customers at the first hurdle. Whereas if you structured your content in a way that takes each audience on a separate journey, with unique benefits and calls to action along the way, you have a better chance of converting more visitors into customers.


As a content strategist I can help you define what’s important to each audience and how to structure and design your content to meets their needs. Then I’ll craft smart and compelling copy that guides each user towards the desired action. I can work closely with UX, marketing, design, technical and management teams to launch new websites and and bring new products to market.

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